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Recomended Feeding Instructions

The best time to introduce the new feed or new feeders is right after the first of the year When the deer have a hard time finding food and they need it most

With Existing feeders

If you already have a feeder out whether it is a spin feeder or a gravity feeder we recommend slowly mixing the Monster mix feed into what you are currently using

Starting out with 1/3 of Monster mix to 2/3 your current feed the next time you fill go 2/3 monster mix 1/3 your feed then the next time all Monster mix feed.

When done this way it has yet to fail getting deer turned onto the Westbrook Monster mix feed

With your New Banks or Westbrook Monster Bear Proof Feeder  

When you take  your new banks feeder or the Westbrook Monster feeder to where you want to place it

Start by either plant an 8’ treated  4×4 in the ground approx. 36” and put a bag of secrete in the bottom  or find a straight  tree about 6” in diameter

Start by cutting the post  or the  tree off at 55

If it’s a tree you take a chain saw and measure down 18” and cut that 18”  down to 3”x3”

Then If your using a Westbrook Coon Cone you place the the nailing flange on the coon cone at 15” that puts the hole itself at about 18”

Then place your feeder down over the post or tree

We suggest starting out using 2 50lb bags of corn and 1 bag of the monster mix feed

Put corn put 3-4 small piles of corn (approx. 1-2 lb) out as far as 20 yards from the new feeder and on each side of the feeder Then do the same at approx. 15, then 10 then 5 yards

This will let the deer get use to the new feeder

then mix  the other bag of bag of corn with 1 bag of the westbrook monster mix feed in the feeder putting about 10 lbs of corn in first then 10 lbs of Monster mix then back and forth until both bags are empty .

If your not going to be able to go back to the feeder sight within 1-2 weeks then we recommend

The 1st time you fill the feeder use 2 bags of corn and 4 bags of Monster Mix feed in the feeder

Then when you go to fill it the next time just put the monster mix feed in and rake some out of the tubes onto the ground

In the winter months this technique has worked 9-10 times once and awhile we have had to use corn a little longer but very seldom ever

If you do have issues at that point feel free to email us