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Extreme Deer Feed

Westbrook Monster Mix Extreme Feed

Extreme Mix Fights off EHD (Blue Tongue)




It takes more than luck, to save a trophy buck and also protect your deer herd”  


We added a crucial proven blend to our products.  The Extreme Blend is formulated to fight off EHD as well as help defend your deer herd from contracting CWD. As deer farmers and us having so many deer in a confined area, our deer are prone to diseases even more so than in the wild. With us having to test every deer that dies and being able to monitor our deer on a daily basis, it makes coming up with a solution easier than just speculating the cause of death. 

Deer farmers stand to lose a lot of money if their herd contracts any deadly disease and if one deer tests positive for CWD, then they are forced to destroy their whole herd. Once a deer contracts EHD, (whereas it is not transmittable to other deer), there is little hope of saving that animal. SO, we put extra proven ingredients in the feed to help keep the flies off the deer because if they dont bite the deer, they caninfect them

As far as CWD goes(which is a whole different ball game)CWD can and is usually transmitted from one deer to another. Once they get CWD, it will usually wipe out an entire herd. After years of research with thousands of deer and a lot of trial and error, we finally came up with ingredients that have been proven to greatly reduce the contraction of this deadly disease. Since deer farmers have been using these ingredients, it has greatly reduced the number of cases from these two diseases.

Our proven results and testing we have documentation on is from the deer pens. We have had great success everywhere we have used it in the wild but we can not Guarantee 100 % that if you use our product that your deer heard will not contract EHD or CWD.




We very seldom see the deer contract these diseases when it’s cold, however, it does take time to get into their system once they start eating it, so we recommend using the Extreme from April until it gets below freezing in your area. Because of the extra ingredients, the apple aroma and taste is not as strong as in the regular feed, so we recommend mixing maybe 1 bag of regular feed to every 34 bags of Extreme