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Taking Antler Growth to the MAX!

Westbrook Now Has 2 Proven Blends of Monster Mix Deer Feed!

Westbrook Monster Mix                                 Westbrook Monster Mix Extereme

Both blends have all the tested and proven ingredients to grow big bucks.  The Monster Mix Extreme Blend has added ingredients that help keep the biting flies off your deer preventing them from contacting EHD.  Click here to learn more about the Extreme Blend

Why use Westbrook Monster Mix Deer Feed

A Hunters #1 question to deer farmers are how we can grow so much larger antlers on our bucks in our pens than in the wild and in such short time?   Well its not rocket science when it comes to growing large antlers on a whitetail buck, however it does take two main things: The right nutrients and the nutrients being consumed by the deer at the right time.

Recommended Feeding Instructions

Hunters spend millions of dollars each year hoping that the products they use might produce a trophy buck on the property in which they hunt. If you are going to spend money on deer then why not spend it on something that has been proven by deer farmers to get maximum results and grow larger antlers. If you use the minerals we do and make it available to the deer in your area when they need it most you will see results that will blow your mind.


After years of research with biologists we discovered the exact ingredients it takes to grow larger antlers on faster on whitetail deer. We put these ingredients into a pellet form so the deer consumes 100% of the nutrients and mixed it  into our feed and are now producing monster whitetail bucks. Up until that point my largest buck scored 189″ @ 5 years old now with the same genetics I am growing bucks that score over 100″ @1 and over 200″ @ 2.    So we decided if we can do this inside our pens then hunters can make a huge difference in the wild.

Will you improve the bucks by 100″ in 1 year? Most likely not but guys that have been using it for a year or more are seeing bucks 20″-30″ bigger than what they had seen before on their properties.  Guys that were used to seeing 3yr-4yr old bucks in the  120″-130″ class are now seeing  bucks scoring 150″-160″ Plus.


Everyone has heard the phrase timing is everything well the same holds true in growing larger antlers on deer. Quite simply a buck needs the rights nutrients all year long to maximize his antler growth especially in the winter months when their bodies are most worn down and most of the food sources are depleted. Its very simple the better a buck comes out of the winter the better chance he has to start growing their antlers to the max. Our bucks get those important nutrients all year long and that is why we are able to grow the monster bucks that we do.

Low cost and Easy to use

(Tests have proven based on consumption rate it is as cheap or cheaper than corn)  With years of observing with guys feeding straight corn all around the country from January to June results show the average deer consumed an average of 3-4 .lbs of corn in the wild per day in the most crucial time of the winter and it had very little if any nutritional benefits and no benefits for antler growth. After 2-3 years of testing under the same conditions deer only consume 3/4 to 1 .lb of Monster Mix feed with all the deer that consumed the feed being way  more healthier and bucks growing much larger antlers than guys seen before. We recommend putting our Westbrook Monster Mix out all year long But in states where baiting is illegal, we recommend at least putting it out the most important months which are from January to August.  We also recommend a gravity feeder so the deer and consume what they need but they also work well in a spin feeder we just recommend putting as much out as the deer clean up.

Southern States stores and co op stores  either already have our Feed in their stores or are able to get it within a weeks time. You can Go to the Southern State Store locator to find the one nearest to you.

Put Westbrook Monster Mix Feed out in your hunting area this winter and spring  and see how big the bucks in your area get to be next summer.