Become a Dealer

Become A Westbrook Monster Mix Dealer

Guidelines On Becoming A Westbrook Monster Mix Dealer

Anyone can become a Westbrook Monster Mix Dealer if the Guidelines that are listed Below are met. The dealer  pricing is based on the amount of feed you buy.

When the feed is delivered you will be asked to sign a delivery ticket then the actual invoice will be mailed out with in 2-3 days

Each Dealer is given  2% 10 net 30 terms

That Means you will receive a 2% discount if the invoice is paid in 10 days and if not paid in 10 days the Total amount of Invoice is to be paid within 30 days ( The discount amount and along with the discount date is at the bottom of the invoices.)

Our Policy is Once you receive the feed or any other items if you do not use it as long as its within 90 days of the date on the invoice it can be returned and you will be given a full refund.

  1. Go to our Dealer Locator and make sure there is no dealer currently selling Westbrook Monster Mix within a 40 Mile radius of your area. If there is no dealer with in the 40 mile radius fill out the credit application and either mail, email, fax  or  give it to the driver on the first Delivery. The first order is always C.O.D. this assures us you are serious about being a dealer (unless otherwise authorized by Representative of Westbrook Monster Mix LLC.)
  2. You must buy in Full Skid Quantities (40 bags per skid) 2000 lbs
  3. You must have a pc of equipment able to unload the feed when we deliver to your location.
  4. If you are a dealer and do not have regular store hours you have to be flexible with the delivery times. Once the order is placed we will give you an idea as to a delivery day .Once that day is determined we will notify you with an estimated delivery time. We just ask you keep in mind we do everything we can to be there when we say we are going to be, But things do come up .