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If your looking for quality deer feed you are in the right place.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

John Martin – Owner of West Brook Monster Mix

Who We Are At WEStbrook Monster Mix

My name is John Martin Jr, I have always had a passion for deer hunting and growing big bucks!In 1989 I decided to start raising deer and bought 2 cheap bred does for $500 a piece when actual deer farmers were paying $5000 for good genetics.

After raising deer for about 18 years my largest buck to date scored 186″ @5 years old, so I got with a nutritionist and a biologist to figure out how we could help deer with bottom of the barrel genetics maximize their potential antler growth.  After about 2 years of research and going back and fourth with the formula we came up with 9 key minerals that if consumed by the buck at the right time would surely maximize its potential antler growth.

When buck fawns had been eating it for 1year their 1st set of antlers were way bigger than any of my yearlings had ever been I had one score 164″ and another score 146″.

The 2nd year my deer were on the feed 15 out of 21 two year olds went over 200 inches.  The buck that scored 146 inches @1 he scored 268″ for his 2nd set of antlers.

Yes these were pen raised deer but what better way to know if it was going to make a difference in the deer.  We knew we was on the right track after the first year.

A bunch of friends and I then started using it on our own private hunting properties from NY to NC and from NJ to Indiana.  Of course we did not see 100″ gains like in the pen deer.  But we started seeing a big difference in the fawns and an average of a 15″-20″gain larger than we had ever seen on 2-3 year old bucks.

One guy in Pennsylvania that tried it was spending $10k a year  on corn and when he replaced the corn with our feed it didn’t cost anymore than corn did but he saw a huge difference in the antlers and overall health of his heard.I tell guys if they want to see a big difference in the deer they are hunting just try it in place of what they are currently using for 1 year and they will see the results themselves.